Happy New Year?

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope your start to the year has been a great one.

For me, well, I’ve found myself at a loss. I guess the new year makes you re-evaluate things. But at the moment I don’t have the answers I want.

My problem? A wilful and disobedient 17 month old. Is this normal? Have the terrible two’s arrived early? (Please tell me it doesn’t get worse.) Is this behaviour my fault?

For the last month, our little one has been a bit off colour. The amount of snot he produces each day he could supply the next Ghost Buster’s movie with slime. He’s had a few days with a high temperature. And he’s finally cut his 8th tooth. So, I’ve cut him a bit of slack. We’ve not always eaten snacks at the table. His routine has been a bit out as he’s caught up on sleep. He’s been allowed to play with some highly prized and previously contraband items like my mobile phone.

Now, he’s turned into a monster. We rarely have a single enjoyable hour with him, let alone a day. He’s refused to sit in his high chair. He throws his food and other objects as hard as he can across the room. He has tantrums at the drop of a hat. He whinges and whines but won’t have cuddles. In short, he’s less than his usual delight to be around.

So much so, I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that I dropped him off at nursery today, and I’m not even back at work.

Of course, at nursery he’s nothing but an angel. He never throws food. He plays beautifully. He’s into every new activity. He’s a positive, happy, outgoing little boy.

My husband’s solution is to offer him food once then let him go hungry, just let him whine when he’s told he can’t have a certain item and let him cry and cry at night if he won’t go to sleep. Tough love. He’s going to out-stubborn our one year old.

In theory, I think our wee man is testing us and this is probably the right direction to take. In practice, I just can’t follow through when he looks so pathetic and clings to me like a koala.

I’ve won on the eating front. When he’s hungry he will sit nicely in his high chair. The throwing, tantrums and whingeing, I’ve still to find a solution to.

So my new year reading has so far been ‘How to raise a brighter child’. This was my mum’s bible. She thinks it should be titled ‘How to survive children’. The small part I’ve read so far, when not dodging missiles or cooling melt-downs, has been a great insight into childhood development. Really interesting reading.

However, I’m desperate here. I want to enjoy my time with my toddler again. And fast. So I’ve pulled out the big guns. Amazon. Gina Ford. Express delivery.

I really hope you’re a match for my little boy.

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